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Jakob Gerhardt can look back on 260 years in the service of good wine.  

The roots of the Jakob Gerhardt company can be traced back to the beginning of the 18th century, as the first evidence of vineyard ownership under Johann Peter Gerhardt was mentioned as early as 1751.

The following generations of the family also devoted themselves to wine and arable farming until Jakob Gerhardt, born in 1854, concentrated his activities entirely on associated wine trade. In 1910, Jakob Gerhardt acquired a farm in Nierstein alongside his vineyard and winery in the municipality of Dalheim.       

1911 his son Jakob Gerhardt jr. (1880 to 1940) took over the winery and over the years he succeeded in expanding the wine trade and establishing customer contacts throughout Germany. The hotel "Zur Krone" in Nierstein, which belonged to his property, soon developed into a meeting place for Rhine romance and wine lovers. After the extremely difficult years of the war, the son Johannes (Hans) Gerhardt took over and the company was increasingly focusing on the direct sale of high-quality wines to private customers.

A staff of sales representatives was being set up to look after customers.
The success of this concept soon made it necessary to purchase wine and expand the business.                 
1956 the company built its own sparkling wine cellar in Nierstein, which in 1958 was linked to the acquired Niersteiner Schloßkellereien.

1987 The Altmann family takes over the Jakob Gerhardt company. Under the leadership of the owner Max Dieter Altmann, the activities are strongly expanded to Japan, USA, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Poland, France, China, as well as East Germany in 1990. 

1993, the "Italian Village" in Dresden is restored at great expense in line with its historic status, and the wine and park hotel in Nierstein opened in 1999.                 

2001, the company can look back on 250 years of wine-growing tradition.


Today, the Jakob Gerhardt wine and sparkling wine cellar is the world's second largest company in direct sales of wine. The cultivated vineyard area is more than 120 hectares. The vineyards are mainly located in Nierstein, Oppenheim, Dienheim, Dexheim and on the Nahe.

Only top wines with distinction are produced.

Awards (Federal Wine Award DLG and Chamber of Agriculture Rhineland-Pfalz):
State honorary prizes, honorary prizes, grand prizes, chamber prize coins in gold, silver and bronze.

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